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Murmin Books is a Marketing and Public Relations company that specializes in the marketing and promotion of new books of Jewish interest.  We only work with authors of books that we can believe in -- books that promote Jewish values and that have something new and interesting to say to the general Jewish audience.

We work with authors to analyze the marketplace for their books to establish who is the audience for the book, and to determine the best ways to reach them.  We understand the demographics and the mechanics of the marketplace for books, and we will develop a marketing plan tailored to each book to insure that it reaches the target audience.  

This involves both the supply and demand sides of the business.  Our marketing strategy addresses the many ways that the desired audience can be reached and leads to the development of a fulfillment plan to insure that  there will be enough sales channels open and stocked with product to satisfy the growing demand.

We are not publishers.  We are specialists in book promotion, marketing, and public relations.  Our work is performed on a fee for services basis.  We work with authors of published books of all types - mainstream publishers, small press, and co-published and self-published books.  What all of these books have in common is that the publisher usually does very little, if anything, to promote the book.  Only the author, with our help, can make the difference between a book that appears and quickly disappears and a book that remains visible to its target audience for a long time.

The best time to contact us is a few months before the book is scheduled to be published.  If you don't have a publisher lined up but you have a book in almost final shape, we may be able to help you find a publisher and bring the book to market successfully.

If you think you could use our services to promote your book, please call for a free telephone consultation.

Al Kustanowitz
Director of Marketing

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